World’s leading engineering and construction corporation


Chiyoda is one of the world leading Engineering and Construction companies, delivering its services to a wide range of customers, and involved in industries such as: hydrocarbon energy, renewable/clean energy, pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals, industrial facilities and civil infrastructures.

Building on the unique selling points (USPs) of Chiyoda – explore, connect and create – we designed the website and service infographic to introduce the company’s key clientele, manpower, expertise and project workflow. As we wrote with engineering professionals and talents in mind, our intent was to convey key recruitment information to draw applicants to Chiyoda Corporation.

In terms of design, we kept the layout streamlined, clear and professional. Customisable backgrounds are enabled for all content sections, so the website looks more engaging, differentiated and has more flexibility to play around with principal brand designs and colours.

Find out more about Chiyoda at chiyodacorp.com.sg