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In preparation for a new product launch, our team was tasked to create a product brochure targeted at small and medium enterprises (SMEs). While brainstorming for an impactful cover tagline, we considered the three unique selling points (USPs) of the printer – secure, fast and affordable. As we wrote with SME professionals in mind, our intent was to have the target audience pick up the main advantages of the product at a glance.

In the three options we provided, we took varying approaches to convey the USPs.

A Ping for a Print – Connect, Secure, Fast & Affordable
For professionals who are tech-savvy, we felt the word “ping” would resonate well with the hidden nuance of a fast connection. For readers who may find this ambiguous, we made sure to clarify by clearly indicating the main selling points of the officer printer solutions.

Get the Job Done Faster & Focus on What Matters
In this option, we wanted to bring across the importance of work efficiency; hence, we mentioned the printers’ capability of being able to print fast so businesses can truly focus on other aspects of their daily tasks that matter.

Ready for Business. Print Fast, Print Safe.
The final option shows product strength and aims to build assurance. The idea is simple. We wanted readers to know that the printers are ready to take on business requirements at fast speed but also in a safe environment.

In terms of design, we kept the overall layout simple, clean and professional. As the brochures are meant for SME professionals, we made sure information presented was specific and laid out the information distinctively to showcase the element of variety, as well as elite performance.

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