Concept Idea for Branding, Features & UI/UX Improvements in Tittle V5.0

For the upcoming release of Tittle version 5.0, we are working on a fresh look with changes to the theme colours. With the current version (4.0), dark blue is mainly used. In the next release, we are aiming to adopt a lighter shade of blue with a greenish gradient. This is done in hopes of bringing out elements of “lifestyle” behind Tittle.

In version 5.0, users can look forward to a user interface face-lift as well; more white spaces will be employed to improve readability and in turn, give the app a cleaner and organised look. The design objectives proposed for version 5.0 hope to complement and encourage user engagement on a personable level, which we will go into more detail below.

Besides visual changes to Tittle, we intend to introduce 2 new features to the mobile application.

First, a “family” module is in the pipeline. Similar to a journal, parents will be able to log their babies’ growth or milestones such as learning to stand, crawl or walk. Parents will also be able to record their children’s mood, sleep patterns, poop, and even attach photos or videos into this mobile journal.

The second feature, which we are looking into, is the “education” module. This feature promotes fun learning with the use of mobile technology. With flash cards stored in the application, this makes learning simple and interesting as our mobile technology is portable, quick and interactive. In version 5.0, we hope to actively promote the lifestyle of Tittle where parents can play active roles in their children’s upbringing, be it the opportunity for bonding, education or even a casual form of capturing and recording unforgettable memories or interactions with their children. For latest app updates and happenings, please stay tuned to http://tittleforparents.com!

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