Tittle for Parents V3.0 UI & UX Enhancements include icon and personalised avatars, touch gestures that allow an action to be taken with just a swipe, and improvements to user navigation.

Tittle for Parents App Enhancement – V3.0 UI & UX Design

Times have changed. Gone are the days of five stones and hopscotch. Part of growing up for the Millenials involves fiddling with mobile devices and staring into windows of vast content. We asked ourselves, “How are parents going to manage and guide their children to ensure healthy consumption of digital content?”

The solution: Tittle for Parents. Developed and designed by BlueCube Media, Tittle for Parents is a parental control app that promotes safe browsing for children, child discipline and a balanced lifestyle.

Specifically for Tittle V3.0, we gave the application a little design facelift, and further improved on the user interface & experience (UI & UX). For a start, we refreshed the overall look of Tittle with the introduction of a blue-green gradient, which brings across the feeling of ease and modern lifestyle. Other application enhancements include simplification of tap processes, integration of application with Facebook login, personalised avatar options and instinctive touch gestures.

Find out more about Tittle for Parents at tittleforparents.com.

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