Lumileds had a new corporate initiative and wanted to run an awareness campaign on collaborative efforts towards a green and sustainable workplace. For this campaign, BlueCube Media was engaged to create a 2D animation to introduce the initiative, as well as to encourage employees to participate.

For this project, a mascot was created to introduce the initiation. Named after an actual staff member of Lumileds, Ivy was the main protagonist of the video. She explains the importance and benefits of recycling, and also shows her colleagues how it is easy to contribute to this social movement in a few practical steps.

Another interesting point in this video was the scene of a canteen. The illustration for the canteen was actually done with close reference to the Lumiled’s very own office space. It was incorporated into the video to simulate a familiar environment so as to establish a sense of familiarity with the viewers. By providing various scenarios in a common environment, such as the office’s canteen, the intent was to encourage employees to take action and participate in this cause.

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